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Synkopy Seven

This client came to me with a logo in need of a quick turnaround. The company, Synkopy Seven, was a blending of success coaching combined with travel and adventure. The coaching methedology would be based off of what the client had learned through her world travels, and the logo needed to impart the interconnectedness of those two ideals.

What I did for Synkopy Seven

Logo Design

Initial Ideas

This logo project was wide open. The client had a few rather vague descriptions of what they wanted and some example screenshots of visuals they liked. This logo project was on a very tight timeline, so I skipped most of the sketching discussion phase and went straight to digital creation. A wide variety of digital sketches were created during the collaboration process.

Synkopy Seven Logo Concept 1
Synkopy Seven Logo Concept 2
Synkopy Seven Logo Concept 3
Synkopy Seven Logo Concept 4
Synkopy Seven Logo Concept 5
Synkopy Seven Logo Concept 6

Further Ideation

These concepts, among others, were deemed to not hit the mark. They were abstract, which was necessary for a concept and company such as Synkopy Seven, but they weren't portraying what the client wanted. After much deliberation, a series of ideas struck and were immediately fleshed out.

Synkopy Seven Final Revision 1
Synkopy Seven Final Revision 2
Synkopy Seven Final Revision 3

Choosing a Typeface

We agreed Concept #1 was the best option. The interaction between two extended and almost completely connected triangles created by the abstracted shape of two connected S's on their side. That concept toyed with asymmetrical reflection and the notion of the two sides to the client's business: the artistic, photographic side and the more formal, client-facing side.

The next option would be to choose a typeface that would compelement the logomark without overpowering it. A thin, sans-serif with sharp edges would make the most sense, since it would mirror the angled shapes of the logo. We decided on the font Grava Light in all caps as the wordmark. The font has equal line weights, sharp edges, and looked great in all caps. In order to get the logomark close enough to the wordmark, the bottom triangle had to take a chunk out of the O. This actually ended up making the full logomark more visually interesting.

Grava Light font for Synkopy Seven

Finishing Touches

When creating the logomark, I already had a gradient in mind, so all that remained was to decide how to implement those colors to the wordmark. Several options were toyed with before deciding on purple for, "Synkopy," and red for, "Seven."

All that was left was to create the all-black and all-white versions for those particular use-cases and this project was finished!

Synkopy Seven Logo Colors 1

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