I'm Andrew

Nice to meet'cha.

I’m a Designer who loves using tasteful colors, beautiful visuals, minimalist principles, and a cheeky personality to create dope solutions.

What I do.

Brand Creation Astronaut

Brand Creation

Your logo is the first thing your customers will see and the last thing they’ll remember. I can help make that memory a pleasant one.

UI Design Planet

UI Design

I love helping create a visual theme and applying it to your project to give it a sense of visual cohesion and bring it to life.

Responsive Web Design Satellite

Responsive Design

Any type of web project needs to look great across all devices, without exception. Creating unified experiences is my jam.

My work.

Andrew Uncharted Laptop and Phone

Andrew Uncharted

Branding | Creative Direction | Social Media Management

Andrew Uncharted is a pet project of mine that I’ve created from the ground up. It’s a brand focused on sharing my travel experiences as I backpack around the world. It consists of a website, Instagram account, Pinterest, and a YouTube channel, all ran concurrently by myself.

Loan Parrot Logo on an iPad

Loan Parrot

Logo Design

Loan Parrot is a website dedicated to giving advice on loans of every variety. The client was wanting her site to be the, “TripAdvisor,” of loans. So, something simple, yet memorable was needed. With that in mind, I created the cute parrot you see here. Click the button to read more!

Daily Adrenaline Photos on a Macbook Pro

Daily Adrenaline

Creative Direction | Event Design | Product Design

Daily Adrenaline was created by 3 friends in order to share, promote, and celebrate the culture and community of extreme sports. I controlled the branding, website, and all creative aspects as well as developing event collateral and product design.

Synkopy Seven Logos on an iPad

Synkopy Seven

Logo Design

Synkopy Seven is a company built around fusing success coaching with adventure and travel. That would require a logo that conveyed both ideas while still remaining visually interesting.